Media Relations
Paget PR has long-standing relationships in both the UK media and international press. The company implements tailor-made campaigns which reach out to opinion-formers at publications within the trade, consumer and news sectors amongst others. Using creative and carefully-researched press materials, Paget PR is adept at securing press coverage by taking into account current trends. This outreach is supported by a full listings and digital strategy helping to create additional momentum for the project.

Brand Development
Reaching beyond achieving press coverage alone, Paget PR has successfully implemented supplementary activity which can generate further positive awareness of a brand. To date this has included establishing art prizes, competitions and auctions, which are designed around each individual organisation to help increase public understanding of the core values of a brand.

Event Management 
Paget PR has successfully coordinated a range of events to help facilitate relationships between its clients and the press. From sourcing a venue to distributing invitations to bespoke lists of media representatives and arts professionals, the company ensures that each occasion cements new contacts and leads to further opportunities.

Client Alliances
Paget PR has brought about mutually beneficial partnerships through the strategic introduction of clients to other professionals who can offer opportunities both within the art world and beyond. Looking further than the short term goals, Paget PR helps clients to forge lasting relationships which can help in achieving long term objectives.

Market Consultation
Having gained experience through working with institutions, galleries and art fairs on both a national and international level, Paget PR is well-positioned to offer advice on the climate of the art market. Whether making a decision on the date of an event or the target audience for a product, the company is equipped to give guidance based on past experience and current changes.