Paul Huxley began 2016 by opening his first US solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures in 40 years with Recent Paintings After the Venice Biennale, exhibited at the David Richard Gallery.

Paget PR secured the artist a four-page interview feature with Anna McNay in Modern Painters, in which Huxley explained “as an artist, there are no rules; you can do whatever you damn well please… [painting should be about] question-making, not storytelling”. McNay commented that “Huxley’s abstracts works… are known for their bold hues pitched against one another, defying expectation.” In juxtaposing perspectives with areas of flatness, and making paintings with a sense of space, Huxley creates “a collision of expectations” for viewers to engage with.

Huxley has also been interviewed by Charlotte Edwards for the June 2017 edition of The World of Interiors. The extensive feature presents an inside look into Huxley’s studio and home, which was designed by the architect MJ Long to reflect the abstraction and geometric forms found in Huxley’s work.

Online coverage also included an intimate interview with Studio International, in which Huxley discussed his early career and his experience creating wall drawings for the Azerbaijan pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale, as well as his latest projects.