CLIENT NEWS | Bernard Jacobson Gallery

On September 15th, Bernard Jacobson Gallery’s exhibition Robert Motherwell: Abstract Expressionism opened to the public. The exhibition is an opportunity to investigate the various forms of abstract expressionist art from Motherwell's long and distinguished career through carefully selected masterpieces in painting and collage. The works, including his great final collage, The Blue Guitar (1990-91) which references Picasso's famous blue period painting, The Old Guitarist, will be shown at the gallery until 28th November.

Bernard Jacobson is widely acknowledged as an expert on the life and work of Robert Motherwell, publishing to great acclaim in 2015 Robert Motherwell: The Making of an American Giant, the first biography of Robert Motherwell. Over the last 10 years Bernard Jacobson Gallery has held a series of critically acclaimed exhibitions looking at different aspects of Motherwell's multi-faceted oeuvre. 

This exhibition will provide an opportunity for visitors to the Royal Academy's Abstract Expressionism exhibition to look further into the art of one of the key members of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Bob Chaundy has previewed the exhibition for The Huffington Post online saying 'it is less of a taster, more of a smack to the RA'

In an interview with Blouin Artinfo, Bernard Jacobson speaks about Motherwell having 'a much broader vision thank any of his contemporaries.. it is much more intense, and considerably more profound'.

Additionally, the exhibition has been recommended by The Guardian, and included in the RA's Pick of the Week.

Robert Motherwell: Abstract Expressionism runs until the 28th November, visit Bernard Jacobson Gallery now to see this wonderful show.

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