CLIENT NEWS | Paul Huxley

In January of this year David Richard Gallery celebrated the opening of its new gallery space with Recent Paintings After the Venice Biennale - Paul Huxley's first solo exhibition of paintings and sculpture in the United States in 40 years.

Ahead of the exhibition Paul spoke with Anna McNay, with the resulting interview published in this month’s issue of Modern Painters.

For McNay, Huxley’s ‘flat, geometric forms converse across the canvas, modifying and repeating one another, performing a tumbling gymnastics in an illusory perspectival plane’, and his ‘bold hues pitched against one another def[y] expectation.’

Huxley explains “as an artist, there are no rules; you can do whatever you damn well please” and continues “[painting should be about] question-making, not storytelling.”

Huxley is now working towards future exhibitions, details of which we will announce shortly.