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On March 17th, Bernard Jacobson Gallery’s exhibition Bonheur de Vivre opened to the public. Titled after the seminal Matisse painting Le Bonheur de Vivre (1905-06), this exhibition of 20 works by some of the greatest masters of the twentieth century will be shown at the gallery until 27th May.

Bonheur de Vivre is the result of long-held desire by Bernard Jacobson to present work by some of the great artists who have particularly inspired and sustained his own love of modern art throughout a long and distinguished career as a gallerist. The exhibition is an unalloyed celebration of beauty, joy, colour and light; beginning with Henri Matisse, it traces the revolution in art that sprang from Le Bonheur de Vivre and the inspiration it proved to artists including Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, Sam Francis and Robert Motherwell, selected important works of which are included in Bonheur de Vivre.

Bonheur de Vivre is an exhibition to gladden the eye and lift the soul, redolent of the heat and sunlight of the Mediterranean even when transposed across the Atlantic to the masters of Modern American Abstraction.

Bonheur de Vivre was the lead exhibition in Jackie Wullschlager’s Visual Arts Critic’s Choice in the FT Weekend, Life & Arts. She comments:

‘The keynote is “a sense of light and life and joy and absolute happiness” reflected in all the works; it is extraordinary in some outstanding examples from the darkest days of Nazi occupation.’

Catherine Milner, writing for Country Life, describes the exhibition as “a surprise and a delight”, while The Sunday Times recommends readers to book ahead for Bonheur de Vivre.

Bob Chaundy has also previewed the exhibition for The Huffington Post online:

‘Matisse lies at the heart of Bonheur de Vivre and is represented by three paintings, featuring single female figures, that encapsulate the essence of the show - colour, light passion, beauty and joy.

The exhibition also features in How to Spend It this week. Charlotte Abrahams comments:

‘It is always exciting to be presented with a new perspective on familiar names, and Bonheur de Vivre offers a fascinating new insight into on these 20th-century greats.

While in Town & Country, Francis Hedges writes ‘the collected pieces celebrate some of the most radiant examples of modern art.

In an interview with Blouin Artinfo, Bernard Jacobson speaks about his aim to reinvigorate the art world with an exhibition full of ‘joy, passion, colour, light, love’. 

Additionally, the exhibition has been recommended by Artnet, and included in the RA’s Pick of the Week.

Bonheur de Vivre runs until the 27th March, visit Bernard Jacobson Gallery now to see this wonderful show.

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