CLIENT NEWS | Ivar Wigan

Paget PR worked with photographer Ivar Wigan to promote his first UK solo exhibition at Marylebone's new gallery space PM/AM.

Entitled The Gods, the exhibition presented a highly charged yet intimate body of work that vividly documented the vibrant street culture of Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Wigan's work was a hit with the press and was featured in The British Journal of Photography, Vice, The Guardian and The Independent.

Pink Panther (2011) was the focus of Jenny Stevens' interview with Wigan in The Guardian's G2 where he narrates Angel's (pictured in Pink Panther) story: "people who see this picture always think Angel is a hooker, but that's not true at all [...], she was studying nursing. The clothes are just a fashion thing. It was a Saturday night, she was going out clubbing, and if you're young and into hip-hop in New Orleans, that's the look."

Gillian Orr commented in The Independent's New Review: "rather than allowing his work to pass judgement on his subjects - principally gang members, hustlers and strippers - Wigan aims to make them the stars of their own narrative."

Having spent recent months documenting tribal culture in Africa, Wigan is now currently working on a new project in the Caribbean.