CLIENT NEWS | Ivar Wigan

On 12th June 2015 artist and photographer Ivar Wigan will showcase his first UK exhibition ‘The Gods’ at Marylebone's new gallery PM/AM.

‘The Gods’ presents a provocative yet intimate body of work which documents the vibrant street culture of Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans. Having immersed himself in North American communities of the Deep South, Ivar Wigan found himself engaged in capturing a hidden and frequently undocumented lifestyle.

The series of reportage photographs is part of Wigan’s first UK exhibition and the inaugural show for Marylebone’s PM/AM gallery.

Comparing Wigan’s working approach to ‘grunge’ photographer Nan Goldin, celebrated art critic and curator Ana Finel-Honigman writes that the exhibition ‘celebrates people whose personal lives and personal aesthetics are a stick of dynamite lit at both ends.’

Already a hit with the press, Wigan’s work has been featured this month in Vice and Wired as well as The Independent’s New Review.

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