Conrad Shawcross is renowned for creating mechanical sculptures inspired by complex philosophical, mathematic and scientific ideas. A former Artist in Residence at the London Science Museum, Shawcross is currently the youngest living member of the Royal Academy of Arts.

In February 2016, Shawcross was commissioned to create his latest sculpture. Erected outside the Francis Crick Institute, Paradigm was built to mark the opening of the new biomedical research centre, and to reflect the tall ambitions of the organisation. The public artwork, formed from a succession of tetrahedrons that increased in size as they stretched into the sky, stands at 14 meters tall and 5 meters wide at its summit. Shawcross found inspiration for the colossal structure in Thomas Kuhn's belief that science should aim to topple its old paradigms in order for progress to be made.

Paget PR worked to promote this major work, garnering several broadcast features from BBC London News, who paid a visit to the foundry to interview Shawcross whilst Paradigm was being assembled, and also reported live from the Francis Crick Institute on the day the sculpture was installed, reaching out to an estimated 5 million viewers.

Print coverage included the London Evening Standard, the FT Weekend Magazine and Gasholder. Florence Waters described Paradigm as “a confident and beautiful piece, at once a triumph of engineering and a totem to the limits of knowledge” in Wallpaper*, while Javier Pes praised Shawcross’ work as an “impressive addition to London’s streetscape” in The Art Newspaper online. The estimated circulation of online editorial secured was over 12 million, including interviews with the London Evening Standard, the Financial Times and Studio International. The total circulation of editorial secured for the Francis Crick Institute was over 24 million, a testament to both Paget PR’s ability and Shawcross’ undeniable talent.